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Taking Radical Ownership of My Health and Life.

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

I came across a tweet recently that read: “I wish we praised softness, rest, and tenderness as much as we idolized strength, grit, and resiliency.” This simple and yet profound statement could not have come at a better time as I struggle to find a balance between these two polarizing qualities. In a culture of busyness and the never-ending demands of everyday life, softness, rest, and tenderness are often equated with weakness and laziness while strength, grit, and resilience are equated with power, aggression, and stamina. It has taken many years of inner work to fully realize that my quality of life is so much richer when I can be my authentic self. I can be resilient in a way that is kind and gentle. I can be vulnerable while maintaining a strong sense of self. And I can wear rest as a badge of honor while remaining focused and productive. To honor rest and creativity, I decided to stay in a treehouse on a small urban farm in Florida. I have been here for only a few days, but so far, the treehouse experience is AMAZING!

At 4am, like clockwork, I hear the roosters crowing in the distance. I smile and fall back to sleep. A few hours later, I wake up refreshed to birds chirping and an abundance of animal sounds. I have no sense of time as there are no clocks on the land and I minimize my screen time. I take pleasure in knowing that I can spend my days doing things that bring pleasure. Rolling out my yoga mat on the deck to sit in silence. Meditating at home first thing in the morning is a challenge. I am easily distracted. Feeding the animals has deepened my commitment to maintaining a plant-based lifestyle. Yesterday, I fed apple slices to goats, chickens, roosters, turkeys, Ostriches, and hogs. The animals are cared for with love. Feeling the earth underneath my feet as I walk through the gardens. As I experience a shift in my own life, I am becoming more drawn to living in a space where I can grow my own food and a beautiful flower garden. Getting a cultural immersion experience by socializing with the owners, residents, and other guests. The farm is a communal living community. There are opportunities to stay as an Airbnb guest or rent long-term space on the farm. Everyday there are any number of programs or opportunities for social engagement. Family classes, art classes, and yoga classes. I named my IG tamthewanderlusttraveler because I enjoy new experiences.

As I prioritize what truly matters, I am reminded of the value of making time for selfcare, introspection, and pleasure. How will you prioritize selfcare.

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